OFC Show your OFC Pride!
  • Are you a fanfic writer with an OFC in your story? 
  • Are you tired of apologizing for your use of an OFC?
  • Are you ready to pummel something the next time the assumption is made that your Original Female Character (and any OFC for that matter) is a Mary Sue?
  • Do you just like reading fic with OFCs? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, then you should be a member of OFC Pride!

Grab a button and send us an email with the URL that displays your OFC Pride and how you'd like to be listed. We'll add you the list of  "OFC Pride" members! 

Tales From the Darkwood 

Dragon's Hoard Fiction Archive

Ninjababe's Fanfiction

Jen's World

Mickey's Place

Liser's MacGreggor Arc

Service Dogs & More

Methos' Shield Bearer

Triple Threat

A Small Drop Of Ink



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