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Themajority of restaurants don't really bear mentioning. So, when you find one that is, it's a  gastric anomaly! We'll start with the West and then on to the East and beyond.

The Wild Toucan -- Sedona
Great salsa and margaritas. A wonderful red rock and golf course view from the patio.

Rainbow's End Steak House & Saloon -- Sedona
Steak, burgers and salads in a rustic setting.


Club Jalapeno -- Carmel
Affordable and fun Mexican food in Carmel. Wonderful homemade tortillas.

Lugano Swiss Bistro -- Carmel
The fondue, the duck, the Swiss wine. What more could you want?

General Store/Forge in the Forest -- Carmel
Outdoors in a garden setting, or indoors in a variety of dining areas with different decor. Great place to get game dishes.

Abalonetti Trattoria -- Monterey
On Fishermans Wharf in Monterey. Antipasto bar, wood burning pizza oven, and a comprehensive wine list.

Garden Court -- Anaheim
In the Sheraton Anaheim. Consistently wonderful food and friendly, attentive service. Try the banana almond crepes for breakfast.

Carnation Cafe -- Disneyland
A view of Mainstreet, table service and quality home style fare.

The Tonga Room -- San Francisco
In the Fairmont Hotel. Polynesian food and decor around a pool complete with rain, thunder and lightening. A unique dining experience.

In and Out Burger
The best fast food burger there is. There's nothing like a Double Double with grilled onions and fresh fries. They even peel the potatoes right in the store.


Pittsburgh Mining Company -- Silver Springs
In the scenic little town of Silver Springs. Great burgers, steaks and Mexican in a renovated 1800s building.

East and Beyond


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